Losing your job is a terrible blow.

That’s why we have Employment Insurance—to give us some peace of mind on the road to finding new work.

EI is an insurance plan that we Canadians pay into our entire working lives.

But Ottawa keeps finding new ways to reject your EI claim. In fact, six in 10 Canadians can no longer qualify for benefits.

And now Stephen Harper says he’ll cancel your benefits unless you take any job he deems “suitable.” Even if it takes you off the career path you’ve invested in. And even if it comes with a 30% pay cut and an hour-long commute.

He’s even setting quotas for bureaucrats to kick more people off EI.

Enough is enough.

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for fair Employment Insurance

We the undersigned residents of Canada note the following:

  • EI is an insurance plan that Canadians pay into throughout their working lives, believing benefits will be available if they lose their job through no fault of their own.
  • EI was designed to strengthen our workforce by helping jobless Canadians resume careers that take advantage of their education, training and experience.
  • With 6 in 10 workers already disqualified from EI, this government is further restricting access by requiring Canadians to accept any job it deems “suitable”—even if it takes them off their career path and comes with a 30% pay cut and hour-long commute.
  • The Conservatives' changes to EI will hurt families, damage regional economies, drive down wages and create unfair barriers for seasonal workers and new Canadians.

Therefore, we call upon the Government of Canada to reverse the devastating changes it has made to EI and restore fair access to decent EI benefits for jobless workers.

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