The Civility Project

Do they tolerate harassment and personal attacks at your place of work?

In the House of Commons, aggressive heckling has become a daily norm—derailing debate on vital issues and turning Canadians off politics. 

Canadians regularly turn on the television and see behaviour among elected MPs that would not be tolerated in a kindergarten classroom. And this behaviour continues to go unchecked and un-penalized. 

Promoting civility in Parliament is part of Jack Layton’s legacy to Canadians. Now Tom Mulcair's New Democrats are committed to working with all parties to make the House of Commons a place of vibrant and respectful debate.

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We, the undersigned residents of Canada, recognize the following:

  • that the decline of civility in the House of Commons weakens the quality of debate and degrades our democracy; 
  • that MPs should treat their colleagues as any other Canadian does in the workplace—with civility and respect; and
  • that MPs who abuse their privileges should periodically lose those privileges as a consequence.

Therefore, we call on the Government of Canada to take concrete measures to uphold civility and decorum in the House of Commons, including empowering the Speaker to suspend MPs without pay when they threaten or heckle their fellow MPs.

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