Under our current system, too many Canadians are being shut out. It’s time to make sure every vote counts.

Far too many Canadians are currently represented in Parliament by people they voted against.

Over 60% of Canadians did not vote for Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, yet the Conservatives enjoy a majority of seats in the House of Commons – a false majority.

Canada needs a proportional-representation voting system to better reflect the political preferences of Canadians: A party receiving 40% of the vote should receive 40% of the seats. Under the mixed member proportional (MMP) system favoured by the NDP – which combines proportional representation of parties in Parliament with the direct election of an MP in each constituency – your vote will truly count.

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We the undersigned residents of Canada recognize the following:

  • Canadians no longer accept the unfairness of our first-past-the-post electoral system.
  • Voter turnout is increasingly low among Canadians – especially youth – because they don’t feel their votes count.
  • Proportional representation allows every ballot cast to truly count.

Therefore, we call on Parliament to adopt a proportional representation voting system so that the House of Commons better reflects the diversity and political preferences of all Canadians.

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