From the Canadarm to the pacemaker to insulin—Canadian scientists and researchers have led the innovation race and saved lives around the world.

But under Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, we’re falling behind. They’re closing labs, firing hundreds of researchers and gutting training programs for fundamental research right across the country.

All that, on top of constant attacks on scientific integrity—like muzzling those who disagree with the conservative do-nothing approach to climate change.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Tom Mulcair’s New Democrats are standing up for science and standing up to Conservative attacks on scientific integrity. Because together we can ensure that scientists have the freedom to pursue discovery and the stable support for basic science needed to truly make Canada a home for innovation again.

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Petition to the House of Commons:

We the undersigned residents of Canada recognize the following:

  • Advancing scientific discovery and human knowledge is central to our Canadian identity—and makes us a stronger country.
  • Conservative cuts to basic science and fundamental research harm long-term economic growth by slowing innovation and our move to a knowledge based economy.
  • Conservative attacks on scientific integrity—including the muzzling of scientists and cuts to research capacity—stop major scientific advancement from happening.

Therefore, we call on the Government of Canada to restore funding to agencies and programs that directly support fundamental research and scientist-driven discovery—and to ensure that scientific integrity is always protected from political interference. 

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