New Conservative election laws will make it tougher for Canadians to vote – but easier for well-connected insiders to play money politics.

Under Bill C-23, Voter ID cards will no longer be accepted. This will prevent thousands of students, seniors and Aboriginal people from voting.

That’s on top of the 120,000 Canadians who had a neighbour vouch for them and who will be turned away next election.

While Conservatives are making it tougher for everyday Canadians, they’re also making it easier for well-connected insiders.

Stephen Harper’s election reforms will increase the influence of big money in politics by raising individual donations to $1500 and allowing candidates to give $5000 to their own campaign.

Let’s protect our democracy from voter suppression tactics. Let’s fight back.

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We the undersigned residents of Canada note the following:

  • Bill C-23 makes it much harder for students, seniors, aboriginal people, and low-income Canadians to prove their right to vote, and will prevent many thousands of Canadians from voting
  • Bill C-23 muzzles Elections Canada, prohibiting the institution from speaking publicly about democracy or the importance of voting and from engaging with Canadians through initiatives like Student Vote
  • Bill C-23 creates new ways for "money politics" to skew elections, by raising donation and campaign spending limits as well as creating a huge loophole that allows virtually unlimited campaign spending for purposes of contacting previous donors by phone
  • Bill C-23 fails to grant Elections Canada's requests for key investigative powers it needs to crack down on electoral fraud such as the "robocall" fraud during the 2011 election
  • Bill C-23 prohibits Elections Canada from doing any pilot project involving electronic voting without the approval of the unelected Senate

Therefore, we call on Parliament to reject Bill C-23, and bring forward a genuine reform of the Canada Elections Act, which will stop electoral fraud, permit democracy promotion by Elections Canada prevent money politics from distorting elections, and maintain both the long-standing practice of vouching and the use of voter ID cards issued by Elections Canada so that hundreds of thousands of Canadians can continue to exercise their right to vote.

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