The Supreme Court serves all Canadians. To ensure equal access to justice, judges must be able to understand both official languages.

Yvon Godin and the NDP are introducing Bill C-208 to make the comprehension of both official languages an essential requirement for Supreme Court judges.

In 2010, this same bill passed in the House of Commons. However, Conservative senators blocked it until an election was called in March 2011 and it never became law.

It’s time to make sure all Canadians have equal access to justice. Sign the petition today. 

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We the undersigned residents of Canada note the following:

  • THAT French and English are the official languages of Canada and that the Supreme Court of Canada has recognized their equality
  • THAT the Supreme Court exists to serve Canadians from across the country, regardless of whether their first official spoken language is English or French.
  • THAT the Supreme Court is the highest judicial body in Canada and that certain important causes are brought before its nine judges
  • THAT Canadian laws are written simultaneously in both official languages, and that one version does not take precedence over the other
  • THAT simultaneous interpretation and translation have their limits

 Therefore, we call on the Government of Canada support Bill C-208, modifying the Supreme Court of Canada Act so that appointed judges be required to understand both languages in order to maintain the equality of both official languages and equality of access to justice. 

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