I ♥ Public Transit

Better transit builds better communities.

It eases gridlock and shortens commutes.
It reduces air pollution and smog.
It strengthens our whole economy.

What’s not to love?

Year after year, Canadian transit ridership breaks new records, but our cities can’t keep up. After years of federal downloading, many are struggling to maintain even today’s transit systems.

Now gridlock is getting worse—and costs our economy $10-billion each year. Yet Canada is the only G8 country with no national transit strategy.

Canadians deserve better.

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It took leadership to launch Canada’s transit systems. It'll take more leadership to modernize transit—for faster, more reliable commutes.

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"I want better public transit, not more gridlock. I'm calling on the federal government to take action to cut commute times—by providing the long-term and predictable transit funding our cities need."

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