60% of all new Canadian jobs are precarious: part-time, temporary, contract-based, freelance and self-employed positions.

These workers are graphic designers and taxi drivers, office cleaners and clerks, carpenters and contract teachers. They are artists, personal support workers, entrepreneurs and cashiers—and they are the backbone of our cities.

But under Stephen Harper’s watch, too many are being left behind with no workplace pension, no job benefits and no job security.

Many of these new urban workers don’t know when their next shift will be. Most have no safety nets if they fall out of work or if they or a loved one falls ill. And too many lack the stability to make financial plans, buy a house or save for the future. Some are even working for free in unpaid internships.

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Tom Mulcair’s New Democrats want a better deal for today’s urban workers.

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Petition to the House of Commons:

We, the undersigned residents of Canada, urge the Government of Canada to work with the provinces and territories to implement a pan-Canadian Urban Worker Strategy to:

  • Strengthen and enforce labour laws to prevent the misuse of unpaid internships.
  • Prevent the misclassification of employees as ‘independent contractors’.
  • Fix Employment Insurance so workers can count on getting the benefits they need.
  • Bring fairness to the tax code and explore the impacts of income averaging.
  • Secure decent pensions for all Canadians—with a boost to the CPP and OAS at 65, not 67.
  • Take practical steps to address the lack of health and dental coverage to those without workplace benefits.

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